Good Morning 2011!

As I start 2011 with new goals and dreams, I found myself on a friend’s website where he had some wonderful motivational messages/stories posted.  I thought to myself.. “I can do that too!”    So occassionally I will share a story, a thought or an idea that may inspire you…I thought you might like this one…it made me tear up a little. 

I gave a sermon at a small new church with about 90 people.  I shared my Dad’s testimony called “A Funeral for a Believer” and how great a man my Dad was.  I am often told it is a very funny and powerful testimony but it is also filled with many miracles that God provided me with.   

After the service about 8-10 people came up to talk to me.  One of them was the cutest little boy that was 6 years old and he was all alone.  He waited in line behind an older lady that was very sweet but she talked for about 10 minutes.  The whole time this little boy patiently waited while holding on to a special balloon he had received as a gift from someone in the church.   

When it was finally his turn, he walked up to me and I immediately got down on my knees so that I was at his eye level.  I looked into the biggest pair of brown eyes and I noticed that they were filling up with tears.  I asked him, “are you ok?”  he softly replied, “Yes, I just wanted you to know that if your Dad was still alive I would live my life for him.”   

It was so sweet….it almost took my breath away because I didn’t expect that…..  but I knew I needed to gently fix his thoughts….  I asked him his name and he said it was “Will”. 

I said,  “Will, do you love Jesus?” He nodded his head up and down to say “yes”….as he did the tears that were in his eyes now began to trickle down his face…. I said “Will, as much as I loved my Dad, the only person that we really need to live our lives for is Jesus.”   

With the saddest look on his face,he replied;  “but I want to meet your Dad.”   I said, “you will someday because he is in Heaven and you can go to heaven too!”   

My heart was filled with joy as he asked me his next question, “how do I do that?”  🙂   I said “if you love Jesus already, then all you have to do is continue to Love Him and make him your bestest friend because he is in your heart!   He smiled and wiped his tears and said with the cutest little smile… “ok”.  🙂   

I then told him that Jesus also wants him to love everyone else he meets too…especially his Mom and Dad…. and he just nodded his head and said “I will”.   

I asked him if I could give him a hug and he said “sure” and he wrapped his little arms around me and didn’t let go….

As he finally started to walk away, he stopped, turned around and walked back and looked up at me.  Since I am 6’8″ it must have looked like David and Goliath….  but instead of reaching for a smooth stone and a slingshot, my eyes filled with tears as he reached out his little hand and said;  “I would like you to have this.”   

The balloon was yellow…. my Dad’s favorite color.  🙂 
What a blessing!  Thank you Jesus. J 

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